Myths About Sugar Daddies Dating And Relationships

sugar daddies dating

There are some myths most people believe when it comes to sugar daddies dating and relationships. A lot of people try to give a lecture when it comes to dating handsome and rich sugar daddies. Most of these lectures are based on their own experience or on the experience of some relatives of theirs or even worse – something they have seen in the films. There is no need to talk about “useful” advice or making a prediction in advance. Everyone learns from their own experience. It does not have to be the same outcome as yours when another person goes through the same thing as you did. Let’s have a look at the most believed myths when it comes to dating sugar daddies.

Myths when it comes to dating a sugar daddy:

1. He only wants to have sex with you – This might be the first sentence you hear from a friend or a relative when you tell them about your date with some awesome, sweet and/or rich man. This is a possibility, but it does not have to mean that he is only interested in sex. Maybe there is some other more pleasant reason for this date.
2. Men do not like women who talk all the time – This is a myth! There are some exceptions, but when ‘the awkward silence’ appears, there should be someone to start some interesting theme in order to avoid it.
3. Pretend to be someone else in order to be more likable – People should like you because of you, not because you are a great actor! Faking a personality is usually tiring, so you will show up your personality eventually.
4. Women are more romantic than men, so do not expect many romantic things – So false! The romantic side of men depends on their personality. There are more and less romantic men and you may be lucky to find one!
5. Opposite personalities always match – Even though there are some cases that show this as a true fact, but this rule cannot be applied to every couple. The most important things are to have some interests in common and try to compromise in order to make both sides satisfied!

Maybe these tips are also false, just like others tell you their experiences, lol. While you are dating with  sugar daddies, you’ll find the truth. Every dating is different, only you can feel.