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What’s Your Price is a website that is distinct and the best part is that it assures it members a date for sure. This website provides a platform to sell or buy your first date. This is a unique platform arranging a meeting and is an easy dating method. This is a new type of sugar daddy dating sites that was launched in 2010 and is considered really secure as it also does background verification.

You can begin by filling the profile. It may be authenticated with a photo such that it is approved. You may search through member’s profiles and if you find anyone attracting your attention, you may present the bid amount that you wish to pay up for this date. Likewise, the attractive members also may set a price for the date. Thus, members can accept or reject the value set or even offer a new bid. However, after bidding price is accepted, a meeting time or a date can be fixed by the member.

The initiation procedure of this site includes:

  • Signing up for this sugar baby dating sites is free
  • It is in two categories, namely, Generous and Attractive or Men and Women.
  • Any sugar daddy or sugar baby may fill the details in this profile and initiate meeting singles looking for a date.
  • The Generous member is expected to pay only when there is an acceptance of offer and after the clinching of the deal.
  • This site promises a first date, but later on it is up to you to get into the process and set your dates. Members can accept an offer or also name the first date price.

Sign up an account and wait for 24 hours after creating your profile to receive approval. Pay for the package and view the profiles. Once you come across anyone interesting you can send a flirt notification for chatting. If it is accepted, send your first date offer. The advantage of this site is that it guarantees a dating, so ensure to create genuine profiles and read the entire document.


What's Your Price aim is on meeting members. It is a free site and so the members are permitted to send offers. The payment is expected to be made on completion of the deal.  Another plus point is that the profiles are genuine. Women on this site is totally free and the dates are guaranteed. You need not waste your time on sending flirts, winks and messages, instead get to the point directly even on the very first date as both sugar daddy and sugar baby are aware what is expected of this date. So what' your price?

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